The new XE! Wedge - increase your accuracy (golf)

The new XE! Wedge - increase your accuracy (golf)

The new XE! Wedge - increase your accuracy (golf)

There's a detachment between the spirit of golf and also much of the equipment that appears each year. The sporting activity is meant to be tough. It focuses on sports skills like touch, concentration, and accuracy as opposed to speed.

The brand-new XE Wedge is an all new golf club that intends to boost your short game.

The wedge claims to have "an innovative design that makes getting out of bunkers" a breeze.

Features of New XE Wedge:

The key attribute of the design is the auto-glide sole. That sole is found at the rear of the wedge, the part that makes contact with the ground as you complete your swing. One piece of technology in the club is the loft, which is 65 levels, or 5 levels more than a common lob wedge.

Functions of XE Wedge

  • Eradicate those humiliating fat chips and pitches, even on your less-than-perfect swings.
  • Get you out of bunkers in one shot, every time.
  • Clip the ball cleanly off tight lies, with loads of backspin to stop near the pin.
  • Fill you with self-confidence in every scenario-- regardless of the lie, the rough height or sand problems.

Cost of XE Wedge

The xE1 65 Degree Wedge is valued at $99 + $19 S+H for Americans. International shipping (to any other country beyond the United States) is a flat $39 price.

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